Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I finally got some Duraflame logs and got to use my firepit! I love bonfires!

Rich's tattoo

Here's a pic of Rich's tatoo! finally! Susan is his sister who passed away from Cystic Fibrosis.

A little of everything... etcetera etcetera etcetera

So I had my orientation last night... who knew it took 5 hours to explain how to clean up spills, and what to do if you see someone stealing, etcetera etcetera etcetera. And in the meantime, I hadn't had dinner because I had to come straight from school, and the room was freezing!

Melisa told me her orientation for Target only took 2 hours, so I thought I'd have time last night to study for my test tomorrow so I wasn't too worried about it. But I didn't get home until 10 and I still had an assignment I had to do for another class so I didn't get to study at all. Oh well, two of my classes teach a lot of the same material and I did well on that test so I think I'll be ok.

We had a Party-Lite party on Sunday which turned out pretty good. It was the first time Sara got to see our house, which was exciting. And I finally got my room clean again, by moving all my extra stuff downstairs. I still need to go through a lot of it to give to Mom but I don't currently have time to worry about it. So it's back in storage. Oh well.

I bought pumpkins to carve when we all went to the pumpkin patch and I bought a book with patterns to carve. Well... the book still hasn't come in, so I was waiting to do my pumpkin. In the meantime the squirrels are eating my pumpkin. I decided to try to put the cover from my new fire pit (which I still haven't used, but Aunt Linda lent us her folding chairs so we can sit out there) over the pumpkins. I didn't figure it would stop the squirrels, but I figured they'd just go underneath it. No, no... they ate through the cover, and there is now a hole that goes all the way into the pumpkin... maybe I'll just leave it as is and put that on the porch. Scary something's eating it! haha

Thursday, October 16, 2008

To be continued.. now :)

To continue my story of the lake, the weekend was action packed! Like I mentioned before, Rich and I got our tattoos Saturday. His uncle also rented a pontoon boat that morning. While we were out we got pulled over by the State Water Patrol. We had people sitting in the two seats in the front, apparently you're not allowed to do that while the boat is moving. And there was a 12 year-old driving the boat at the time :O She looked like she felt pretty guilty, lol. So then he had us check for all the safety stuff, and we didn't have all of that either. This is not up to the rental company to make sure everything is there, it's up to the renter... how dumb is that? Someone who probably knows nothing about boating... (or they'd probably have their own boat...) Oh well, they only gave him a written warning, but the guy made his uncle get into his boat out in the middle of the lake and the two boats were rocking all over the place...

Sunday we just drove back home. Nothing too exciting, caught up on some sleep, because we were up late all weekend.

Monday was when Amber, Melisa and I went to Hermann to visit the wineries. It was a lot of fun, and the weather ended up being ok after it rained a little. We walked around and visited some of the little shops down by the river. It was awesome to tour the cellars and of the course the wine tasting was nice too! There was one, Oakglenn, that was up on a hill and overlooked the river! It was beautiful with all the leaves changing! Next time we'll definately have to stay down there!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The lake was a blast! We ended up going down Thursday night, after Rich got off work. So we didn't even leave until about 11. We got there around 1, and stayed with Rich's cousin. They were only supposed to have a one bedroom, but the heat was broken so they got upgraded to a suite. The bathroom was awesome! It had a jacuzzi tub, and even a tv, lol. I went to bed while they stayed up for a few more hours.

Friday we went to the strip and just walked around. First we played putt-putt with some of Rich's family (I won! :). We also happened upon the local homecoming parade. Then we went shopping at the Relic Shack and found some pharmacy stuff, including a mortar and pestle that we got really cheap on accident... the tag on it said 4.25 and the pestle said 5.95. Which is awesome because a lot of the stuff they had was expensive. Well the girl only ended up charging us for one, I guess she figured they were a set. Well then we got it home and saw a sticker on the back that said 133.95! We felt bad, we really didn't realize that was on there until we got back. Then we stopped at a little hole in the wall pizza place called Alley Cat's. There were only two tables and the bar. The pizza was really good too. Then Rich's cousin convinced him to just look around at the tattoo parlor next door. Rich was just curious, because he really didn't want one, but we ended up checking it out. I found one that I really liked. I had been wanting something with a music note, for my love of music. And then Rich found this awesome cross that he wanted to get in memory of his sister. He went back and forth trying to decide if he really wanted it or not. He loved the cross, and knew it was something that he would never regret since it was for his sister. For a little while he was worried about the money, but he knew he really wanted it. So he decided he was going to get it, and I was going to get the one I found but it was too late to get them both done so we decided to wait until Saturday. So we went Saturday afternoon and got them done at the same time and they both turned out awesome! I'll eventually post a picture of Rich's, I didn't have my camera at the time... but here's a picture of mine.

I had more, but it got deleted... so I'll post later. Tonight I'm tired and ready for bed since I have to go back to school tomorrow!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


So I got 3 b's and 1 a on the four exams that I had in the last couple of weeks. whoo hoo!

This weekend I'm going to the Lake of the Ozarks with Rich's family. I'm excited! It will be a good time. Then Monday Amber, Melisa and I are going to Herman to the wineries. It's fall break so we wanted to do something with just the girls.

So I have a busy weekend ahead, but lots of good times! So I need to charge my camera so I can have lots of good pictures!

Friday, October 3, 2008


So I got a call from the pharmacy manager today, and she told me there were some issues with my hire. First I won't be able to do orientation until the 19th, which actually works out better for me because I still have to quit Dierbergs. But then she told me that they've cut back her dept hours and she won't be able to give me as many hours as she had hoped. So she said I'd only be working weekends (including Fridays since I don't have classes). Which I don't really mind, because that gives me more time during the week to get school stuff done as well as clean around the house so poor Andi doesn't have to do it all. But I really don't want to be working every weekend, but if those are the only hours I can get... I still want to get a decent paycheck. So now the decision comes down to - is it really worth it? Should I leave the great job I have to work somewhere I'll be the low man on the totem pole and have to work the crappy hours? Hopefully that's not how it would end up, but how can I know for sure? I just hope that once my availability opens up some more next semester and during Christmas break I'll get some decent hours.

I think I'm still gonna go for it. The pharmacy manager seems to be a pretty understanding person. I could tell from the call (and the fact that she called me herself this time) that she felt bad, and that it was out of her control. She said she wanted to give me more hours, and that she felt I would be a great addition to their team. But that she was really in a bind with the people who already work there and the available hours she's been given from those above her.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Finally :)

I got the job!

I just have to go in on Monday morning to get the official offer!!! YAY! Then I need to buy some clothes for work, lol. I have no plain red shirts, they all have Cardinals on them! :)

Also a side-note: Rachel's having surgery today, so pray for a speedy recovery!