Tuesday, March 31, 2009


As promised :)

Pics from Chicago! If you go we would definitely recommend going to the Museum of Science and Industry it was awesome!

I'm posting the few pics with us actually im them, there are a ton more in the album, but it's mostly scenery and architecture, lol enjoy if you have the time

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend fun

First off I don't have pics of Chicago yet... I accidentally left my camera in Rich's car so he has all of them :) I'll get them eventually, but since I have a big test this week it'll probably be next weekend or so.

Yesterday I got to play good Samaritan. (just a side note, I always wonder how many people know where that saying actually came from :) While I was at Mom's shop getting ready to head to St. Louis, Mom saw a woman pulled over on the highway right in front of the shop. She said she looked like she needed help, but since she couldn't leave the shop she asked if I'd go ask if she needed a cell phone or anything. So I pulled over on the service road and jumped out to see if she needed anything, and she was definitely kind of frantic, poor thing. She was 8 months pregnant and following her husband home to Hermann. She said she felt like she was having a heart attack because her heart started racing and she thought she was going to pass out. So she pulled over, but her phone wasn't working. She got out, and said she felt better with some fresh air. I guess she tried flagging down some cars, because someone else pulled over on the service road and he saw her from the highway. She was using my phone to try and call her husband, who wasn't answering. So she called her Mom and told her what happened. We were tying to figure out if she wanted to go to the hospital, because she said she was scared to drive again, and she was worried that something was wrong with her pregnancy. The guy offered to drive her to the hospital in Wentzville, or to the Urgent Care in Warrenton, he even offered to drive her home to Hermann. She told him thanks for the offer but that she couldn't get in the car with a stranger. She said she would rather wait for her parents to get there (they also lived in Hermann) or for her husband, but she wasn't even sure if he saw her pull over. But then her husband came up behind her on the highway, he saw her pull over right by the exit, so he pulled off and drove all the way to Foristell to get back on the highway going west. So she told him what happened. The guy offered to bring their van to the commuter lot if she thought she wasn't going to be able to drive so that it was off the highway. So he jumped in the back of his truck and jumped the fence, and helped them move it. And that was it. The poor thing though was definitely freaked out. She thanked me about 20 times for using the phone, and she even apologized once for taking so long. I told her not to worry about it, that I wasn't in a hurry and I just hoped that everything was alright. So I went back to the shop and told Mom what happened. It was definitely interesting. I was just glad I could help her out.

Also just a funny story from last night. Rich decided when he spent $7.50 on a pack of cigarettes in Chicago that it was time to quit smoking! YAY! So he bought the Nicoderm patches, because he didn't think he could quit cold turkey. So yesterday was his first day on it. And he did very well. Last night he came down cause we were celebrating Andi's birthday by having a few drinks :) and playing Sing Star (which was a blast, I would definitely recommend it). Well in the middle of the night, I guess Rich's patch somehow came off his arm, and ended up on my back... I woke up sweating and kicked off the covers, and then I was cold. I was rolling over and over and couldn't get comfortable. I felt like I needed to move, so my arms and legs kept twitching and I couldn't fall back to sleep. Eventually I guess I did,and I slept ok from then, but when the alarm went off for Rich, I was wide awake. When I rolled over to turn it off, I felt something on my back and realized it was his patch... no wonder I couldn't sleep earlier. And then I had a killer headache. So I told Rich he's no longer allowed to wear them at night :) It's not like he smoked at night anyway. But I made myself sleep after that to try to get rid of my headache and I slept until 2 in the afternoon, crazy. Rich felt bad, but he keeps teasing me that I'll be smoking by tomorrow because of the cravings, lol.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lovin Chicago! We somehow got an upgrade to a king suite :) (I bet they wanted a good review on expedia lol) It's still not a real big room, but we have a seperate sitting area, as well as the bedroom. We got here a little late so we didn't do much tonight. Just walked around for a little while and took in some scenery, then stopped by a grocery store to get some stuff to eat. Tomorrow we'll have lots to do with our City Passes, hopefully the weather's nice.

Oh yeah, we got pulled over on the way out, lol. A state trooped plulled up next to us, and then all of a sudden slowed down. I guess they ran the plates cause they didn't pull us over right away. But eventually he did, and it was because he thought Rich wasn't wearing a seatbelt (which I didn't know you could be pulled over for, but apparently in IL you can). The female officer in the passenger side was pretty funny, when they were next to us, she stared us down and pulled her sunglasses down her nose to get a better look I guess. When we were waiting for the officer to come back I realized I was wearing my Drugs are my life shirt from school, lol. But he didn't say anything about that when he came back, he did although say something about me crocheting (I was really knitting :) in the car, apparently he thought that was funny cause Rich saw him laughing in the car, lol. Luckily we didn't get a ticket, cause Mom said the fees just went up recently. The officer just told Rich to wear it over his shoulder from now on. :) No harm no foul, but it looks like we can't go on vacation without some sort of problems :)

Monday, March 9, 2009


So Rich and I decided kind of last minute to go to Chicago this weekend for Spring Break! I'm so excited! I booked our hotel today, and was looking at some stuff to do and got directions and such... we found a Day's Inn about 20 minutes outside of downtown for only $68 a night. No pool though :( lol

We'll be leaving sometime on Sunday and returning on St. Patricks day... we were excited when we realized we'd be there on St. Patty's and thought we could see the parade, but they do their parade on Saturday so we won't get to see it. They even dye the Chicago river green! But that's ok, we'll have plenty of stuff to do. We got these city passes which includes admission to a bunch of stuff for the time that we'll be down there, including the Sear's Tower deck, the Field's museum, the aquarium, the planetarium, and the museum of science and industy :) which Rich was excited about, lol
I can't wait... but it's a little distracting when I have 2 tests in the next 2 days :)
And I now have all of the songs from Chicago stuck in my head, lol

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I just witnessed the dumbest show ever...

Hole in the Wall --- it's a game show we stole from the Japanese game show, where you try to fit through the holes in the wall that's moving towards you. Very strange, but the chick won $120,000 and she only made it through one?