Thursday, June 12, 2008

My last post sounded worse than I intended :) I usually only come across people like that maybe at most once a day. Most of the people I deal are very friendly and most are patient (to an extent :)

Today work was a mess, but it wasn't anything to do with the customers, luckily they were all very patient as we had all kinds of problems :)

The crew putting in the drive-thru was there again today, so we had several ladders, and banging going on for a good part of the day. Also part of the new system we put in last year includes upc scanners that we use to verify that we are picking the right stock bottle of medication, and of the of the scanners was not working. Not really a big deal because we have two more, and that was the one in the corner that we don't use very often. But then we couldn't approve any refills that we received from the Dr's offices, we just got a system error message. So we had to delete them all, and enter them as an entirely new prescription. Again not a huge deal, but it took a bit longer. Then we couldn't scan a copy of the prescriptions into the computer. Again we do this to ensure that the prescriptions are correct every time. We file the hard copy, and any time we work on that prescription, including refills the image comes up. Again not a huge deal, because we still have the hard copy and we can always scan them in later. But then we were getting faxes (which come straight to our computer to save paper and we can print them if we need to) had no image, so we didn't know who the prescriptions belonged to. And apparently this was Dierberg's wide problem. So we had to call all of the Dr's offices who had approvals waiting and tell them not to fax us. Most of this happened within an hour, as we were starting to get busy. It was interesting for sure :) But like I said everyone was very sympathetic and polite so that was good. Everyone just asked if we were also getting remodeled or moved, because they are remodeling the entire store as well.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Our pharmacy is getting a drive-thru... not really sure if that's good or bad? It will be nice for the patients I'm sure. But people harass us enough when they're in the store about getting their prescriptions done quickly. Now our pharmacy is fairly small so our prescriptions are already done pretty quickly, in about 10 minutes or so usually, but people are impatient. Some people stand at the register and refuse to leave, even if there are customers behind them... what happened to manners? Just today I had some lady yelling at me because she wanted me to hold a cough syrup for her that was out in the OTC aisle... first she asked me if we had it, and she didn't believe me when I told her we did. So she made me go look for it, and tell her how much the big bottle was. Then I told her and she asked if we had the little bottle? How am I supposed to know you asked about the big bottle... so then she wanted me to hold it for her, and when I told her we didn't do that, she yelled why not? So I told her there were plenty out there and she would just have to look for it (like everyone else) when she came in. So then I hear her husband in the background telling her not to let me not hold it (if that makes sense :) He didn't want to have to look for it, and wanted to make sure we had it. So eventually I just gave in. I don't understand why people think they deserve better treatment than everyone else? I'm a nice and helpful person and I will definately go out of my way for people when asked politely, or when people don't ask at all. But when people get that demanding it just is very irritating. Pharmacy has a lot of contact with people like this (really any retail position). Most days I greatly enjoy working in the pharmacy, but people like that just irk me. I just hope that the drive-thru won't encourage more people to act this way.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Photo Blog

Well I finally got my camera back (and all my pictures!) I had forgotten it at Aunt Linda's while house-sitting. So just a picture update I guess, and comments here or there.

These first few pictures are from Rich's backyard! A few weeks ago we took a hike in the woods! It was awesome so peaceful and beautiful!

Can you spot the BEAST!!?? :)

That happens to be Rich's dog Princess!

Andi's college graduation!! NOT FAIR lol

All this rain..... is wrecking havok on our lake. This is only one of several times when the lake flooded.

The dock you can see is no longer there, it was uprooted and is now floating by the dam.

Adam's baseball camp on Mother's day.

Jessie's bachelorette party! Good times!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Trips and New Car!

Rich, Dad and I set up the camper yesterday so that we'll know how to do it when the time comes. Also we wanted to air it out a little since it's been sitting around for about 2 years... which also means that the tags are expired... So now we have to try to get that fixed. But I think everything else is pretty much ready to go, it'll just be the fact of getting it all together.

Rich finally got his car today. His truck has an electrical problem that he doesn't think he'll be able to fix so he started looking for a car like 3 weeks ago, found a Saturn (which is what he was looking for because of the MPG). The car was in good shape, fairly cheap so he found out about a loan which he got, but then he found out that somehow there was a clerical error and the VIN on the title was one character off, so they had to apply for a new one and it took like 2 weeks to finally get done. But we went today to his Mom's work (State Farm which is where the loan was through) and he signed the paperwork. Then we went and got his car, and got the temp tags. But he didn't get to drive around or anything cause he was already late for work, but at least he got his car! :) He was so excited!