Monday, April 27, 2009

Seattle Rotation

This may be confusing :) I was a little confused myself. I emailed my teacher who set up our rotations about the one I had asked for in Seattle and how it wasn't listed on my schedule. It took her a little time to get back to me but she did!

And I had 2 options, because the rotation that that one would replace is at a time (May - June) when the pharmacist up there isn't available. So I had to do some rearranging.

Option #1 was that I could just switch that rotation with my off rotation in September. Which seemed like an easy solution, but I was leary of having my off rotation first, because then I don't have a break at all. I will have a few weeks off here and there, but no big break before I'm done next May. Plus May's schedule had already been made up for work, and I was hoping to get some extra hours in while on break to save up some money.

And option #2 was to pick a new one for my October rotation (which I was really looking forward to) at Corum and move that to May and go to Seattle in October. There were a couple problems with that, I didn't want to lose my rotation at Corum, I have met the pharmacy director there and really liked him. Also I wasn't sure about the weather in Washington in October :) I don't wanna see too much rain or snow for that matter, lol.

So after discussing it with loved ones and co-workers, I decided to go with option one. Although my off rotation is first, it will give me a chance to make some extra money for the summer and I will be able to have a little more time to prepare for rotations. For example I need to get dress clothes :) Plus I figure that going to Seattle will be somewhat of a break, even though I'll still have a rotation it will be different. This way I still get to go to Seattle and I'll still get to go to Corum as well, so really I'm getting everything that I had wanted.

Although I will miss everyone, 5 weeks will go by very quickly I'm sure. And Rich is driving with me up there (since I will need my car to get around) and flying back. And then going to come get me when I'm done. That way I won't have to make the long drive by myself.

So I get to go afterall!

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Ine said...

Hey Jessi! Thanks for the comment!! :)
How are things over there?